Our Facility
Sneak Peek : Behind the Scenes

Our facility is where all the magic begins. It is equipped with state-of-the-art printing technology to facilitate the entire printing process - pre press, on press and post press. From start to finish, all process are handled by staff with more than 15 years of experience.

So come on in, and take a look into our printing process.

Customer Service & Pre Press

Let's start with Customer Service. Our Customer Service Crew is always on the stand-by to answer all your queries. Their aim is to answer all your questions, in a timely manner to save you time in making the right decision.

Once your order is placed, it goes through what we call the Pre Press stage. First, the artwork file undergoes an inspection, which is called pre flight in the printing industry.




It is the mission of our DTP Crew to ensure, to their level best, that your artwork file is error free. When all is A-okay, your order is put through via our Automated System to the Planning Department, where it is queued for the printing process.
On Press

This is where your works of art come to life. Your masterpieces are printed using the best in German Technology, the Heidelberg, and the notable Digital Offset press, Hewlett Packard Indigo. This production process is handled by dedicated specialist staff to warrant that your prints are of top quality.

So, how to do we make sure your prints are of top quality? For one, we use the X-Rite Densitometer to measure ink density to ensure colour consistency from the first to last print. Hence, every printed sheet showcases invariable crisp and brilliant colours!

Post Press

We have the finest print finishing machinery to enhance your collaterals. With top quality finishing, what you get are beautiful and durable prints.

After the finishing process, your printed products are carefully and methodically packaged. Now they are ready to be dispatched; placed in the waiting area to be shipped by air, right to your doorstep or if you prefer, directly to your customer's doorstep to save you additional cost.




We work closely with our shipping company by integrating our eStorefronts and the shipping company's outbound system. With this, you can track the shipment of your orders directly from your Member Account.


With the ideal synergy of state-of-the-art printing technology, innovative processes and service from dedicated staff, EXCARD is the ideal trade printer to collaborate with.

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