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  We provide simplified print-reselling solutions to customers to facilitate the start of their own lucrative print-reselling business or make their existing one more efficient and profitable.

Understanding is the forerunner of Success

EXCARD understands what it takes for print-resellers to become competitive and thrive in their niche. Hence, we have tailored print-reselling solutions that fit print-resellers to a 'T' and offer them via the Internet to save them time and money.

Our customers enjoy superior quality prints at economical prices. Also, our eStorefronts provide personalised Member Account, making ordering and tracking an ease. As a result, our customers find their business becoming more efficient and cost-effective; in two words, more profitable.

Technology Efficiencies, Warm Service

Virtual realms should not be a barrier to true service and one-on-one communication. The EXCARD family believes in providing service with a human touch. Every print job is treated with genuine care. Every one of our Customers is not merely a number but an individual with real problems and concerns. And our aim is to put your concerns to rest, giving you peace of mind.

We Go Above and Beyond to Meet Your Needs

At EXCARD we have a simple rule we work by. Everything we do is towards anticipating your growing needs and successfully meeting them.

We constantly think of new ways to give you quality printing solutions at economical wholesale prices; to make your print-reselling business a success!


We Bring Together
Distinctive Printing Expertise and Advanced Internet Technology Solutions
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